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Apr 5, 2017

The Regret

What hurts the most, Regret or failure? Ahh, that age old question. We can go on and on, can't we? But you already know what my answer would be. It is right there in the title. Regret

While failure often inspires us to succeed, regret only haunts us to make our lives miserable. Failures are false positives. Regrets are false negatives. One is pain while the other is a burden. Hmmm. Got the rough idea?  On to my story, then!

I've always been an empathetic person. I often think how one person would feel if they were subjected to a particular situation I was in. And of course, vice versa. But that in no way means I haven't hurt anybody. I have. Numerous times. And I learned from my mistakes. Horrible mistakes.

But that is not relevant when you think about how much you've grown. And all the matter is what you are now, right? What all those things that you went through molded you into. A better person, perhaps? Or a wounded one. Scarred for life, if you will. I, for one, belong in the latter group. A bit in the former too, in my not-so-humble opinion.

"My past rendered me more thoughtful. Maybe because of all the pain it inflicted."

I am writing this, not in the hopes of creating content but for merely expressing my emotion regarding the matter. And to shed light on something that deserves it. Of course, it does not matter as what happened, happened and can never be changed. Writing about this would be futile in a sense, but that is what we are all about, aren't we? Doing something, not because it makes sense but because we feel like it.

So allow me to walk down the valley of futility with a weeping heart that has stories to tell. Stories that are personal., which you (assuming someone other than the author is reading) may not be able to relate. But I'll do my best.

So allow me to talk about my most recent regret/tragedy, which undoubtedly was one among the worst in my book. I believe it will do justice to the entry, too. And I also believe it will hide itself from people who don't deserve to see it. *Winks*

Photo credits (The header photo): Matthew Henry.


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