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May 16, 2017

False Image

This entry contains a few important things that I've realized along the way that may hopefully help you see the 'fitness world' from a fresh new different perspective. The truth. Shall we?

Picture a guy with rock-solid abs. Ripped. Toned.
Now go through the following text:

Visible abs are due to two things only: The abs themselves (the size) and the amount of subcutaneous fat covering them. As long as there is ample amount of the former and very less of the latter, you will have ripped looking Abdomen. See? simple.

But do you know what the irony here is? People who have visible sets of abdominal muscle can also have bulging, protruding bellies. Crazy, right? I know!

Potbelly or 'beer belly' occur mainly due to the presence of visceral fat. The kind that is beneath all those abs. They tend to stay along side or on internal organs. Totally different from the fat that hides the average joe's abs. So Visible abs and protruding belly can be present simultaneously in an individual.

Other reasons why a person can have superficial definition along with the pot belly are fluid retention, gas buildup, gut inflammation and so on (to more dangerous stuff).

So how do you know that the guy you pictured mere seconds ago does not have a slightly protruding tummy? Well, he probably has one. Yes. This is common. And very normal. Only a very few people naturally have 100% flat stomach. I am not one of them. And neither is that bodybuilder whose photo you saw on Instagram yesterday.

The point is that they may look perfect in those pictures, video, and stuff... but they are not. Probably.

Do you feel a bit better about yourself now, huh? Well, you should. Even if you are slightly out of shape, know that no one on this planet is technically 100% fit. No one is perfect.

Also, I am pretty sure about you having heard the word contraction. Eh? They keep their muscles contracted while taking those photos or while on those ramp walks. Everybody does. I do it, too. All the photos I've taken with my shirt off show my contracted muscles. Is that cheating? Of course not. But is that the real me? Well, I surely don't sleep, walk, talk with all those muscles contracted, now do I?. No. So the question I am trying to ask is: Are you sure that those bodybuilders look that great with their muscles relaxed? with their tummies not sucked up in so tight? When they are being themselves and not posing for a photoshoot?

See where I am going with this?
Coming to think of it, I am asking a lot of questions here, ain't I? Hah!

Also, did you know that models and bodybuilders often take diuretics before photo shoots and other such occasions to eliminate excess fluid in their system to make the muscles look super toned? Yes. They do.

Diuretics are these medicines/drugs intended for treatment for renal failure but they also happen to have this small positive effect. Take them and for a while, you will look a lot more ripped. (flushes out more water from your body, less water in the skin to hide the protrusion and shape of muscles underneath)

Get the point, my friend?
More imperfection. More deceptions. Oh yes.

And don't make me talk about steroids! Ugh.

Plus, the people who are super buff (like OMG buff) are mostly not very healthy. They've injured themselves. They've taken drugs they shouldn't have. They've done things with their bodies they were not supposed to. All because they wanted to look like a Greek God or something. Looks matters to these people way more than their health. Hmm... I should probably stop!

Long story short: Nobody is flawless. Nobody looks like that 24/7. But I guess you can surely look a little better than you look right now. I know I do. So start working! But not to be like those people (even they are not actually themselves).  Aim for a physique that is healthy as well as beautiful. Your own. Grow and nurture a body you'll be delighted to live in for the rest of your life.

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Photo/model credits: Jakob Owens


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